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Online Accent Reduction Training

Derra Huxley, M.A., from Accent Reduction Now, in addition to in person appointments, also offers ONLINE Accent Reduction training. Derra is now able to work with individuals from anywhere in the world, wishing to reduce their native or regional accents and attain a Standard American accent.

How an Online Accent Reduction Program Works

1Initial Online Speech Evaluation The process begins by your being sent an email with a link to the initial speech evaluation. You fill out the question section and record yourself right on your computer. Once this is submitted, Derra Huxley will analyze the recording in depth.

2Creating an Individualized Accent Reduction Program Derra then creates an individualized accent reduction program that will address all of the sounds that will be worked on to help improve intelligibility and reduce your accent. Improving pronunciation is the main focus, however, grammar and intonation can also be addressed.

3The Typical Online Accent Reduction Course The typical accent reduction program consists of 13 one-hour classes, over a video conference call, once a week. You are provided with a manual and an online practice lab to practice your weekly assignments. At the 12th week, an online post evaluation is administered to measure the rate of improvement that you have accomplished.

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You will need a microphone and approximately 10 minutes to complete this screening. You will be directed to the ComptonPeslOnline website.

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